San Francisco Victoriana, the original source of architectural restoration materials for the Bay Area, has closed its manufacturing operations after 43 years of serving the restoration community.

When we opened in 1973 our business goal was to regenerate a vast renewable resource of San Francisco’s unique historical housing stock. In the beginning we designed, manufactured and installed complete house facade reconstructions of Victorian homes, replacing misguided ‘improvements” of stucco, aluminum siding and asbestos shingles. We completed over a 100 historically accurate building facades over a 10- year period. With that experience and knowledge, we created a unique catalog of essential ornamental materials and produced countless restoration materials over the next 30 years that were used to restore and repair thousands of San Francisco’s irreplaceable historical homes. We thank our residential and commercial customers for participating in our mission to regenerate and save San Francisco’s unique historical housing. Below you'll find a list of local businesses that provide architectural services:

CNC routing, custom manufacturing, curved moldings, 5-axis machining

Lucid Machine Art

2070 Newcomb Ave. San Francisco, CA

(650) 825-5305

Mouldings, flooring, SF Victoriana moulding profiles

White Brothers Mill

430 Lesser St. Oakland, CA

(510) 261-1600

Mouldings, Doors

Apple Blossom Moulding and Millworks

2411-L Old Crow Canyon Rd. San Ramon, CA

(925) 820-2345


Lowpensky Moulding

900 Palou Ave. San Francisco, CA

(415) 822-7422

Mouldings, lumber

Saroyan Lumber

Plaster, castings

Lorna Kollmeyer Ornamental Plaster

(415) 312-6269

Turnings, mouldings

Haas Woodworking

531 Mercantile Dr, Cotati, CA

(707) 665-0664